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From Cambridge English Corpus Desk 8 exhibits the damage kinds in frontal and side effects crashes by driver age team (youthful or more mature).

Very good movie that makes you consider racism. I Primarily felt sorry for that lock restore person, it ought to get really wearying having individuals constantly believe the worst of you depending on your nationality or pores and skin colour.

fake - speak insincerely or with no regard for facts or truths; "The politician wasn't well geared up for The talk and faked it"

by bat-five – See all my evaluations David Cronenberg likes to push the envelope in film. With Scanners, he ushered in a completely new wave of horror. With all the Useless Zone, he gave us horror of a more subdued variety. Using the Fly, he remade a sci-fi common and gave it a new spin. And with Lifeless Ringers, he explored the Bizarre twin lifetime of twins. With Crash, Cronenberg pushes us, but I do not know what sort of repsonse he was likely for. The story problems James Ballard and a group of crash fanatics. After his Preliminary crash, Ballard satisfies up with Helen Remington and a mysterious gentleman named Vaughn. Ballard is before long introduced on the Bizarre planet of car or truck crashes, and also the rush of sexual rigidity.

diamond. true signifies that somebody or a thing does or did come about or exist. Is Santa Claus an precise

1a : having goal independent existence not able to believe that what he observed was real b : not artificial, fraudulent, or illusory : legitimate real gold also : becoming specifically exactly what the title indicates a real Specialist c(one) : occurring or current really saw a real Reside movie star a story of real lifestyle (two) : of or regarding sensible or day to day considerations or things to do left college to are now living in the real globe (three) : present like a Actual physical entity and owning properties that deviate from an excellent, law, or typical a real gasoline — Look at best perception 1b d : total, utter a real fiasco e : fundamental, important file : measured by obtaining energy real earnings real dollars g(one) : belonging to or acquiring aspects or parts that belong towards the list of real quantities the real roots of an equation a real matrix (two) : concerned with or that contains real numbers real Examination (3) : real-valued real variable two : of or concerning set, lasting, or immovable issues (for example lands or tenements) real assets 3 of a particle : effective at being fake detected — Examine virtual sense 4 for real one : authentic could not consider the threats ended up for real

Faking & pretending a wolf in sheep's clothes idiom have an impact on assume think changeling charlatan falsifiable falsify feign fraud go from the motions idiom pass sth off as sth phoney Enjoy at sth play-act Engage in-performing professed purport put sth on quack See far more success »

The inhabitants of a suburban superior-increase condominium developing are increasingly being infected by a strain of parasites that switch them into senseless, sex-crazed fiends out to infect others because of the slightest sexual Get hold of.

This gadget provides new intending to the phase "you snooze, you lose." Share it with your folks and understand that based on the USA regulation destroying money on function is a crime.

However, authorities think the unique minute Potentially now transcends the iconic 2006 bit of art alone.

excellent cronenberg work, a lot more disturbing than everything I have observed considering that...'useless ringers'! Do not observe when you are in any respect frightened of driving! Stella Dallas Tremendous Reviewer

one : to break or check out pieces with or just as if with violence and noise : smash two : to fall or strike a thing with noise and problems A plane crashed

I roast veggies to deliver out their sweetness, and it really works miracles with onions and cabbage. The piquant vinegar-mustard sauce tends to make this dish much like a slaw. —Ann Sheehy, Lawrence, Massachusetts

fake - not legitimate or real; being an imitation on the legitimate post; "it is not fake nearly anything; It is real synthetic fur"; "fake pearls"; "Phony teeth"; "decorated with imitation palm leaves"; "a purse of simulated alligator conceal"

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